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A. Botza, Boise, ID

"We wanted to thank you for the wonderful buying experience we had. We love our Cherokee and we felt great about the pricing. You are fair and honest and those qualities are rare in the automotive selling world. We'll be sure to send our friends your way!"
Matt and Gevay P., Kuna, ID

"You made it possible for me to get an excellent car at a fantastic price."
Catherine O., Boise, ID

"The car was picture perfect, exceeded our expectations."
J. Rienhard, Boise, ID

"Excellent Seller, Great Communicator, I love the Van, Highly, Highly Recommended!"
A. Welch, Boise, ID

"Whenever I tell anyone what I paid for my BMW, they are amazed."
Tim A. Nampa, ID

"Wonderful experience! The sellers were unbelievably helpful - the car is great!"
Jessica B., Twin Falls, ID

"An awesome buying experience--the vehicle was exactly as described!"
Susan M., Jerome, ID

"VW Passat accurately described, friendly service... extremely pleased. Thanks again!"
B. Dowdy, Kuna, ID

"Just a quick note to let you know that I got the pickup and I am very happy with what you have sent me. The unit is perfect for Provo."
Robert W., Boise, ID

"Smoothest transaction I have ever done. Car was everything they said and more!"
Chris V., Boise, ID

"Just wanted to let you know we got the car the other day and LOVE it. It's everything we wanted it to be and more!"
Brian E., Boise, ID

"The price was exactly in the range I was looking to spend. The quality of the vehicle is exceptional especially for the price range I was looking to stay in. Great customer service with the patience to keep looking for a great car in my price range."
Kevin C., Kuna, ID

"The car was better than my expectations, and the price was way below anyother dealer. Couldn't have asked for a better price or car for the money. I feel like I'm driving a brand new car!"
Jeff D., Nampa, ID

"It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I plan on buying another vehicle with you in the future. Again, thank you."
Ted W., Boise, ID

"I just don't know what to say! That car is soooooooo beautiful. And everywhere it went, heads were turning. I am very pleased and so is my husband. Again, thank you ever so much. I can't thank you enough."
Terri R., Boise, ID

"As evidenced by our purchase of a second vehicle, we are very satisfied. We would consider additional future purchases."
Forrest V., Caldwell, ID

"Very pleasant. Easy. The way car buying should be. Somehow more people need to find out about you. Other dealers can learn alot from you."
Lenny B., Boise, ID

"Excellent service, price and quality. Keep up the good work."
Herman C., Meridian, ID

"I didn't know you were located there and it was great how quick everything was taken care of. I'm already referring people and hope they stop by to see how awesome you all really are."
Theresia P., Boise, ID

"Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you that I absolutely love my 745LI BMW! When it was delivered, it looked even better than it did in the pictures on the web and I've been driving it 100 miles a day commuting to work and it's as solid as can be....NO problems. I will be doing business with you again and recommend you to my friends. Thank you for making this so easy!"
Rebecca C., Pocatello, ID

"Will recommend to co-workers and friends."
Jeff A., Twin FallsID

"Purchasing my vehicle was a wonderful experience! Your vehicle price, quality and customer service were top of the line. All my family and friends are amazed at my purchase."
Ana N., MH

"The car is fantastic. I am extremely impressed at the overall quality of the car. I take pride in showing it off to my friends actually.

I want to thank all of you for how easy it was to buy a car with you. I walked away thinking it coudn't have been any easier. Everything was sorted out, explained and made clear enough for anyone to understand.

Thanks again for the help. And thanks to everyone for making this so easy."
Chris and Liz Z., Nampa, ID

"I got the car and love it!!!! Your service was amazing, courteous, quick and efficient and has taken a lot of worry off my mind for having to look for a reliable vehicle. I am sure you know what I mean by that!!! Thanks so much to all of you."
Joanna C., Boise, ID

"I think your service was great. Indeed, I have told others about your service. Good luck.
Steven A., Boise, ID

"I purchased my car today and it's certainly beautiful! Thanks once again."
Yvonne B., Boise, ID

"Just a note to say Thank You so much for my most wonderful car buying experience!! The car is a dream come true and the customer service is second to none. I am very grateful and will recommend you highly. A VERY Satisfied Customer,"
Andrea B., Boise, ID

"Thank you so much for ALL your help in my purchase of the XC90! I love it! And I love you guys!"
Beth S., Kuna, ID

"I am writing you all to tell you that I am extremely happy with the 2004 Mustang I got from you on the weekend! I am totally loving it! The car is in fantastic shape; I am very happy with it. My family and friends adore it; they are especially impressed with the price I paid for it. You all made it possible for me to have the car I have always wanted, thank you! "
Vivian A., Boise, ID

"I am the world's biggest skeptic and my first thought was, 'Okay, what's the catch?' Either that or this was just another way to get me in the door to a dealership where I'd lose my shirt trying to buy a good reliable car for our family. Well, I was dead wrong and I couldn't be more thrilled that I gave it a shot despite my initial reservations. I will NEVER buy another car any other way. I love my vehicle and for the first time EVER I walked away knowing I got a good deal on a car that is perfect for my family and we didn't waste hours of our lives trying to 'work out a deal' or haggling over price, payments, etc. This truly is the ONLY way cars should be sold and I won't ever do it any other way again!"
Denelle S., Loxahatchee, Boise, ID

"Your committment to taking care of your customers is a RARITY these days, and is so greatly appreciated. Your care in dealing with me has really made an impression, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends or family."
Erin P., Indianola, Nampa, ID